Offering Internship

Quality, over quantity


Our internship program is intended mainly for individuals who are,

Either, associated with any field related to computer science & engineering (BTech, BCA, MCA)

Or, eager to learn about Astrology Science

At Tarush Group we offer internship in below:
  • Data Visualization

  • Database Management Systems

  • Application Development

  • Web Apps

  • IT Operations

  • Telecom

  • Cloud Computing

  • Basics (OS, DB, Internet, G-Suite etc.)

  • Astrology Sciences for beginners

What you get:
  • Hands-on experience on large data sets

  • Learning by doing

  • Exposure to some real world computing problems

  • Chance to interact with industry veterans

  • Forum to put up your doubts with experienced colleagues

  • Sessions from different verticals like Dev, Ops, Product, Pre-sales

  • Soft skill development with key focus on communications